Monday, January 29, 2007

Milestones all around!

Here they are , as promised, recent pictures!Can you believe our little Chloe Paige is already 5.5 months old! She's all smiles, and giggles too. Her favorite person to laugh at is her big sister, it just warms my heart to see how much they have grown to love each other.
Chloe in her "happy baby" position, as they call it in Nana's yoga class.
After taking most of her nap in the car, Emma decided to finish her nap on Nana. She must have remembered sleeping on Nana's chest all those times in her infancy.
Two year old bums are cosher, aren't they? Cousin Tayden and Emma are like peas and carrots these days. They can cause quite a tiddle wave in the bath tub.
Cousins, and the best of friends. Tayden and Emma's new favorite thing to do together is throw themselves on the floor in uncontrollable giggles while in their jammies, nearly missing each other each time.
Miss Biddle, as we call her, loving her swing time. She's almost to the weight limit, but Chloe still loves her swing.

After a nice visit with Great Grandma Betty on a blizzardy day, we took this priceless photo. Four generations of women, what a beautiful legacy Grandma Betty has started! We love you "G.G."!
"Sisters...Sisters...there were never such devoted sisters"
It's amazing to me how, already, Emma and Chloe know there's something special about each other. It's almost as if they know that some day, they will be best friends, and rely on each other like honey to the bee as they go through all of life's trials and blessings together. At least, that's what I pray for them.
Putting her best smile forward in Grammy's arms!
Biddle Peep's idea of a perfect bed, Nana's arms! With a little sleep training, Chloe is sleeping so well these days, at least 8 hours for the first stretch, and has even pulled an eleven hour night of solid sleep. We feel like we are among the living again, praise the Lord!

That's right, our baby girl is eating rice cereal already! She'll be 6 months old in just two weeks, after which we'll be adding fruits and veggies to her diet as well. Where did these first 6 months go? Dare I say I'm already catching the baby bug again! But don't worry, we're hoping for about a three year space between Chloe and the next one.
My cup runeth over, what more can I say?!
Emma holding her sister, something she frequently asks to do. Only as she would say it, "I wanna holg my sister". As you can see, "Oh bla di, oh bla da, life goes on..." As we settle into our new home, we look forward to digging our roots in, not just as we settle in to this house, but as we seek the Lord to see how He might shape and mold our family to know and love Him more deeply and to see how He might use us in the lives of others. So as we hunker down for this last stretch of winter, we are everso thankful! God is good, whether our lives are abounding in blessing or laden with hardship. He is worthy of our praise because it is by Him and in Him and for Him that we were created.
Love, Sarah


The Artist said...

They are adorable and I can't believe Chloe is already almost 6 months old. Wow.

You are blessed! ;o)

Munchkin Land said...

How amazing Sarah!! These are WONDERFUL photos and I'm so glad that you shared them. Miss Chloe is such a big girl and I can't believe how much she's changed in such a short time!

I love you, my friend!!