Tuesday, September 05, 2006


Good news! We are under contract for our townhome in Salt Lake! We'd like to give our friend and realtor Pat a HUGE thank you for all his hard work for us. This is a huge burden lifted off our shoulders, thank you all for your diligent prayers and encouragement. We didn't make quite what we hoped on it, but what we did make is a huge blessing from the Lord and will definitely help us as we move towards the purchase of our next home. Speaking of our next home, something exciting is in the works. We're under contract with a builder literally down the street from Travis's parents. The homes are unique and the builder has a great reputation. It's not 100% for sure yet, we have to close on our townhome before we will say that, and luckily the builder has let us write that in as a contingency. We also need to meet with the lender to make sure we can afford the payments and get the financial end of things squared away. It's the kind of home that we could see ourselves staying in for years to come and growing into. It's a beautiful ranch style home with an unfinished basement that we can finish down the road. It's on the side of town we want, has huge old trees in the surrounding area, and is right next to a farmers feild that is technically a flood plane, so we don't forsee it being developed. It feels like we are out in the country a bit, which we love! Here are some pictures of the floor plan and a rough sketch of what the outside will look like from the front. I've also included some pictures of where we're at in the framing stage. We go to the design center this week to pick cabinets and interior options and upgrades. It will be so much fun this time to actually get to live in the home we build! We should close in early December, right before the Christmas season. We are counting our blessings daily and praising the Lord for them. I'll keep you posted, and more pictures of the girls will be coming soon.
Love, Sarah


Munchkin Land said...

Congratulations you guys! I'm so happy for you and I know what a weight had been lifted off your shoulders. God is good!

Jill Davis said...

That is awesome news! I am so happy for you! We will have to see the new house when it's finished!