Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Melting our hearts!

I just had to share this picture of Chloe that Travis took tonight while I was holding her. She's been smiling for weeks, but we've had a hard time getting her to look right at the camera while she's doing it and getting the picture at just the right moment. Good job daddy! Chloe is doing really well, I just scheduled her two month doctor's appointment for October 13th. We can't believe we're getting so close to the two month marker! We've got her on a great routine. She sleeps peaceably in her swing for naps during the day and is getting used to sleeping on her back and side at night in her bassinet. She wakes up only to eat one or two times a night, but I think she'll be sleeping through the night before we know it since she's such a good self soother. Emma still has some jealousy of her sister from time to time that we have to deal with, but can also be very sweet with her and is very helpful much of the time. Parenting these two little girls is such a joy, despite the challenging moments. We are so blessed!


Munchkin Land said...

Oh Sarah!! That is such a precious, beautiful picture of Chloe!! Thanks for sharing it. What a great smile!!

The Artist said...

How absolutely precious. I can't wait for my baby to get here so I can enjoy all of these types of moments. What a treasure!