Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Daddy's LIttle Girl

If ever a little girl shined in the light of her Daddy's pride, Emma Grace is that little girl. She is so blessed to have such a wonderful Dada. His face lights up when he comes in the door after work and she does the cutest little Daddy's home excited dance. The rest of the evening is full of kisses and tickles and dancing and wrestling. Her favorite evening activity is dancing to salsa with Daddy and asking mommy to watch. She's so proud of the relationship she has with her Daddy. I always tell Travis he's doing his job if he's creating nearly impossible shoes for the guys in her life to fill. He's doing a great job so far!

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JennG said...

What a great way to describe Daddy's job! I'll have to remember that one and pass it on to Jon. You can tell she is a happy, secure, and beautiful little girl.