Monday, August 13, 2012

Chloe Turns Six!

Oh sweet "Snooie"!  This post is much later getting written than I had hoped, but darling, it is no reflection on our HUGE love for you, just a reflection on the fullness of our lives at the moment.  We had such a fun birthday party for you this year!  We meet Tayden and Milo, Auntie Amber and Nana at Lakeside Amusement Park for the day.  We had a picnic lunch and I made you homemade carrot cupcakes with cream cheese frosting.  You were a little dare devil on all the rides and I will never forget riding the Spider with you and all our uncontrolled giggles. You started first grade this year big girl, that really doesn't seem possible.  I'm certain it was just last week that you were my rolly polly, pigtailed two year old saying, "hogeyou me mommy!" or calling the phone a "whone".  But now before our eyes is a beautiful little girl of six with a smile and laugh that are truly infectious.  Something that hasn't changed, much to my delight, is that amazing and beautiful imagination of yours.  The day you stop gathering random household items to create barns for your animals (plastic ones or your little brother making horse noises) will be a sad day in my book.  At this rate, you will be the next bestselling author and I just can't wait to read your stories!  Kindergarten was a harder transition for you, missing mommy, just getting used to the school scene.  But this year, Chloe, you have taken to school with ease.  I get to come into your class every Wednesday this year to be a guest reader, which is truly one of the highlights of my week!  You are so proud to show me off to your classmates and I just love having you sit on my lap while I read to you and your friends.  And you've found a strong subject this year, sweet girl, you are quite the math wiz!  Knock on wood, homework time is a breeze for you and your reading gets stronger every day it seems.  Wow, I'm sure going to miss the days of having you home all the time, I have some precious memories of that time we had together.  But at the same time, it gives me such joy to see you thriving as a little student, getting to hear all about your day in the car on the way home, the friendship ups and downs, the exciting things you're learning in science.  Don't ever stop talking Rooie, telling me everything, the ups and the downs, the good and the bad.  You are such a gift to your dad and I, sweet Chloe Paige!  We are so blessed and lucky to get to love you as our own as we raise you up, pointing you towards Jesus and His perfect love and plan for you.  Happy sixth birthday baby girl!  You are beautiful, inside and out!

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