Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Sick Lessons

Lessons during times of sickness:

1.  if you think getting up once a night with a baby makes you tired, remember it could always be worse... like being sick with a cold yourself and getting up with multiple children all night long.  Lesson?  Don't complain, it could always be worse.

2.  When mama is sick, housework doesn't get done... but it certainly continues to pile up.  Lesson?  Ask for specific help from well family members when your sick, they aren't mind readers after all.

3.  A baby's cough can wake a mama from the deepest sleep and spring her to her feet faster than lightning.  Lesson?  Stop worrying that you won't hear them or wake up if they need you, I'm pretty sure the angels shake mamas awake when they are needed.

4.  Sometimes, the whole family just needs to sit around and watch movies all day.  Mindless snuggles when you're sick are very important.  Lesson?  It's really okay to do this, don't feel guilty about it!  It takes voice power to read to the kids, mama's sore throat no likey, give yourself a break!

5.  Even the nastiest virus's/ infections do go away eventually, so take heart!  I always try to remember this when I think of those with terminal illnesses.  Again, it could always be worse.

So what am I going to do right now?  Go snuggle with Chloe:).

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