Wednesday, May 04, 2011

My Daughter's Love

Yesterday, Emma diligently worked to finish a project she started in art class that I was not allowed to look at.  She then proceeded to put it under her pillow to hide it.  Not more than ten minutes later, she sheepishly walked up to me with something behind her back and asked, "Do you want to wait til Mother's Day to see what I made for you or can I give it to you now?"  I told her it was up to her.  She thought for a minute with a smirk on her face and then whipped it out from behind her back ( I have no idea where she gets her impatience in gift giving;)).  It was a beautiful card with a little pop-up bouquet inside.  She beamed as I gushed with thanks and an embrace of kisses and hugs.  She then informed me that she needed to write something on the calendar, because on the real Mother's Day, she was going to give me something even more special.  When we looked at the calendar together, I pointed out that Mother's Day was already written in type on the calender, but she insisted that she must write it herself so she wouldn't forget.  Here's her sweet handy work:). 
It is the simple gestures that make us feel the most loved... I am feeling SO loved!

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Amber L. said...

So sweet, and what great handwriting she has.