Saturday, January 01, 2011

A New Year and New Pictures

We had an unexciting New Year's Eve this year, but it was just what the doctor ordered.  We have been so busy over the past week getting our basement ready for the framers this coming Monday that all we wanted to do was relax at home last night.  We went over to Travis's parents and shared some Vietnamese take-out, but got home in good time so the kids could get to bed on time and we could watch a movie.  Perhaps New Years will look different in the future, but for now we are content with simple and quiet.  Not to mention that this pregnant mama can't stay up late even if she wanted to;).  Speaking of this pregnant mama, here's my latest belly picture, taken this morning at a day shy of 32 weeks.  I am in awe at how fast things are flying now!  In five to eight weeks, we'll be holding our baby girl!  I'm so excited to meet her and yet, there's still so much on the to-do list.  One day at a time right, I need to remember that or I get overwhelmed.
On this first day of the new year, the first day of a new decade, looking back and looking forward, I am thankful, excited, and resting in right now.  And I think that is going to be my theme word for this year, "NOW".  Living in the future or the past cheapens the beauty of the moment we've been given, right now.  Now is our current reality and it is right now that we must choose to abide in His presence, to receive His grace, to slow down and live inside the fruits of the Spirit that we can only live in when we are plugged into to Him and His Word.  Now is our greatest sphere of influence and our greatest chance to be influenced.  Living in the past can weigh us down with guilt that keeps us from moving forward.  Living in the future can create stress about the unknown and a grasping for control that was never ours to have.  Wishing you all a year of living on your knees before your Maker and Savior in the "now".  I leave you with a picture of my heart.  My beautiful husband and our three precious, candy eating rug-rats:).
Happy New Year 2011!


Sheri said...

You are such a gorgeous pregnant mommy, my friend! And I just love this, "Wishing you all a year of living on your knees before your Maker and Savior in the "now". " Amen and Amen! Love you bunches too and praying for you as you get closer to holding your precious baby girl!

Nana said...

Are those some of the Christmas suckers from Danny and Steph? What a nice, red, sticky mess:) Yummmmy!

Amber L. said...

This is such a great post and such a great picture. Love it.