Thursday, April 15, 2010

April Showers

Emma learned a little riddle at school.

"If April showers
bring May flowers,
then what do May flowers bring?"
did you guess yet?
Emma's deep in thought about it (not really, she's the one who told me the riddle)...
Are you ready for the answer?

...Pilgrims! Get it!?
I know, pretty clever huh!
These are those bulbs I planted in the fall, we are THOROUGHLY enjoying them!


Evans Family said...


Christine said...

Beautiful flowers!

Anna said...

Pretty flowers! And cute riddle! :)

Came across your blog through your comment on Purely His.

nate said...

BEEE-AAA-UTIFUL PICS! I love flowers in bloom!

Anastasia said...

Sara, the "nate said" quote is mine...didn't realize my hubby was signed on a not me:)

Katie and Oresti said...

hey Sarah, I left a comment on my own blog explaining how I do b&w photos. Then I wasn't sure if you would check there again, but it's on the same post that you commented on about the b&w.

Beverly said...

Lovely pictures as usual. Your children are so precious :-)