Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Emma's Character Award

Our Emma Grace just won a Character Award at school! It reads, "As part of our continuing effort to reinforce and acknowledge positive character traits in our students, we want to recognize your student for consistently displaying the character trait of: RESPECT- Showing consideration for others and their property; listening to and following instructions of those in authority; honoring others; following the Golden Rule; being courteous and polite. Mrs. "S" comments, "Emma is consistently respectful in our Kindergarten classroom, at specials, in the lunch room, and on the playground. She listens well and follows directions- always paying attention to what she has been told to do. We can count on her to be polite and respectful at all times. Way to go Emma!" You are to be commended for teaching these behavioral traits in your home. We are pleased to recognize and celebrate your child's excellent character and accomplishments."
Just had to brag on my Peanut for a minute, thanks for obliging this proud mama:)!


The Robinson Family said...

That's wonderful! Love the picture of Emma too!

Anonymous said...

Awe! Way to go Emma, and way to go mama! You guys must be so proud. Tell her I said she's the best and I'm so proud of her.