Wednesday, August 26, 2009

One Year

One year ago today, I was beholding my firstborn son for the very first time! I remember crying tears of joy at the first sight of you, "Monkey". Sawyer Michael, what a blessing you have been to our family! You have three mommy's you know. You are loved so very much by all, that sweet smile of yours must be made of fire, because it melts the hearts of all who behold it. You are my mellow man... so far that is. Easy going, go with the flow, I often call you my happy camper. So much a year can hold, sweet son, so many firsts. I treasure each moment, locked in my memory, to hold me fast when one day I watch you graduate from high school. There will be plenty of time for letting go, for launching you into independence. But for now, precious son, keep snuggling in, putting your arms up whenever I walk by, giving that precious sigh of contentment when I oblige.Baby mine, happy first birthday!



Beverly said...

Oh Sawyer, you are so loved! Happy Birthday, handsome man!

Sheri said...

Precious, precious! Happy Birthday big boy!! You are a treasure and I hope you and Levi will be able to play together some day! Give your mommy one of your priceless Sawyer hugs from her blogging friend, Sheri. K'!

Elece said...

Happy Birthday, Sawyer!

(and Sarah, you're quite the talented writer!)