Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Perfect Shorts!

I am just so excited about my find this evening, I had to share! As moms, we are always on the wardrobe quest for the perfect balance between style and modesty, comfort and affordability. I mean come on, none of us want to surrender to frumpiness for the sake of being modest! And on the same token, our bodies have changed a bit and we have no buisiness sporting muffin top or cellulite! Can I get an Amen?! Well ladies, I think I may have found the perfect shorts this evening! They are Walmart's Faded Glory Cargo Bermudas. Without sounding like a spokesperson for the company, let me tell you what I love about these shorts. They are midrise, so just the right rise in my opinion, and the waist is stretchy, but also drawstring with a button for just the right fit and comfort. They are a linen blend ( I LOVE linen!) and the pockets/buttons/strings are all in just the right places for a totally in-style, young look. I bought a pair in the brown and one in the white, I'm just so thrilled about them! And here's the best part, they're only $12.00!!! So now you've just got to go try some on right!


The Robinson Family said...

Thanks for sharing! I'm might have to go check them out for post-preggy comfort and style!

Katie said...

Hey thanks! They look so cute! I am always looking for good tips! You can't beat $12! :)