Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I realized recently that I have been waiting to write a new post. Waiting for some profound essay of wisdom to spring up from within me, complete with main points and some awe-inspiring conclusion. But I realize that by simply journaling, I am opening myself up for the Lord's use, both in me and through me, whether or not profound wisdom comes from it or not. Furthermore, I just NEED to write! It is part of my fabric, it helps me process my own thoughts. Writing is capturing the story of my life and my heart, even in its simplicity. So here's me saying I'm going to try to write more on this blog. No commitments about how often or profound my writing posts will be, in the spirit of blogging without obligation, but I will be brave and come out of hiding.
Recently, I've been experiencing a sense of restlessness. And no, it's not literal rest-less-ness, although I could stand to be getting more sleep, as any mother of an infant will say. But the restlessness I'm experiencing is more of an itch for something new, be it a new place or some new growth, perhaps both. I'm hoping it's not a nasty case of discontentment, but it could very well be. I know where to go for answers, I long for Him right now! And yet my legs feel too heavy to walk to His thrown. So I sit, in my heaviness, and cry out for Him to come find me. Lift my arms to reach for your Word, move my fingers across the pages. Open my eyes and my heart to see the truth, flood me with your promises and your presence, penetrate my soul and make me light again!

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Mindy said...

it's good to hear from you!