Tuesday, September 02, 2008

One Week

Today marks the end of Sawyer's first week in this world. It has been a beautiful week to be sure! Every time I breathe in the sweet baby smell and feel and sound of my precious son, I exhale a "thank you" to the Lord for this amazing gift. If he is indeed my last baby, I want to be sure not to miss a moment of this newborn time to hurried anxiety for more sleep or excitement for the next stage. No, I want time to stop, to linger as long as it will with every grunt and sigh and beautiful cry. I want every kiss I lay to store up memories that will never fade. Sleep sweet angel, nurse in the dark hours, snuggle your head into my chest and don't grow a minute older!


Michelle said...

baby toes! so sweet! I think in that second picture he looks like you!

Maryann said...

So beautiful, so special. It is frightening at times how fast it goes. And we're only 4 weeks in over here!

Joe, Jami, and Joey said...

He is so adorable!!!!! Congrats to you all.

Anonymous said...

Such a handsome boy who is favoring his mother for sure. I am so anxious to come back up and see him again. He has already changed so much in just a week.
Love you.