Friday, June 13, 2008


I think my little Canon Powershot was feeling a bit jaded after my previous post about her hopeful replacement, the Nikon D40X, so she decided to really strut her stuff today. Last mother's day, Travis got me a beautiful yellow rose bush. We did all our rose research about planting and pruning and feeding and this year, we are reaping the reward. Here are some of the first buds to blossom on the plant and let me just tell you, there are dozens more buds waiting in the wings! I'll post another picture of the whole plant when it's in full bloom. There's just something about roses. They look beautiful, they smell beautiful, maybe that's why we women love them so much. Could it be that we aspire to the same, hoping our inner and outer beauty and the fragrance of a sweet spirit will diminish our thorns?

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dr_bristow said...

What a pretty rosebush! I have a Canon powershot as well, and it works pretty well. My only complaint is that the resolution could be better, but it's still pretty good, and so compact which is very practical!