Friday, May 02, 2008

A Sanctuary For My Little Ladies!

Spring is in the air! And so is my motivation for organizing and decorating. We have a three bedroom home, so naturally when Sawyer arrives the girls will be sharing a room. They are very excited about this, which adds to my own excitement about creating a beautiful, feminine sanctuary for them to share. I will try to paint a picture for you with words and a few sneak peeks. Imagine two shades of pale green, alternating in large vertical stripes around the bottom third of the room. Just above this, chair rail painted the darker shade of green. The lighter shade of green covers the remaining two thirds of the room. Now picture an antique white, distressed, feminine dresser and matching night stand between two twin beds. Here's the bedding.
Now picture, in the place of headboards, two shabby chic 8x10 picture frames hung by floral ribbon on decorative white pegs with these pictures in them.
This one, of course, above Emma's bed.
This one over Chloe's. Above each of these pictures will be their names, in wooden letters, painted in delicate pinks and greens. Additional wall and dresser top accessories are building up slowly. Here's what I have so far. The shelf I just found yesterday at my favorite antique store. The sign and frame are from Hobby Lobby. The frame is what will hold the pictures and will be hung similar to this. Beyond decorating the girl's room, their closet will need to be organized to accommodate both of their clothes and shoes. I will be getting a second closet rod that hangs from the first one so they'll each have their own rod. And of course, only two season's worth of clothes will be hanging in there at a time. Baskets will organize the top, shoe racks and storage drawers the bottom. Call me crazy, but it gets me just giddy thinking about all this decorating and organizing! I'm just one of "those" I guess. I'll post about my plans for Sawyers nursery next, so stay tuned!


HappyMama said...

Where did you find that bedding? It's gorgeous. I can totally picture the room, and it sounds just fabulous. You'll have to post pictures once you get it all put together!

Jami said...

I have been a lurker for a while but have never commented (sorry!!!!!). But after seeing the picture of the bedding today, I had to come out of lurking to ask you where in the world did you find that bedding at??? It is absolutely beautiful!!!! I love the decorations you have so far to go with it all also... it sounds beautiful! Hope your weekend has been going good. Your lurker friend, Jami

Beverly said...

Oh how beautiful!! Your girls are sure to love it :-)

I love the colors you picked, and the bedding is simply delicious!!

I am due the 25th of October - congratulations on being halfway there. We hope to find out if it is a girl or a boy in early June. You look great - loved your belly picture in the previous post.

Katie and Oresti said...

Really pretty bedding and accessories Sarah!! Will it be ready by the time we come to visit? I'd love to see it, and the walls sound like they'll be really nice! Cute pictures also!

Beth said...

I wish you lived closer to Alabama - I could use a decorator for combining my girls into one room when our new little one arrives!!!