Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Pictures...Just Because

These cold winter days can get long for this cooped up, SAHM, especially in this family of outdoor lovin people! I mean seriously, when you're in the single digits to low teens all day long, never getting above freezing, romps outside just aren't an option, at least not for longer than a trip to the mailbox. But we shall prevail! The end of March looks sweeter and sweeter each day!
Chloe loves to wear Emma's winter hat around the house and dance on her tippy toes. It's the cutest thing ever, especially when she's just in her onsie and socks!
I really don't know what these two sisters would do without each other. When one is gone, the other is so bored and asks for the other non-stop! I need no further case for siblings, I just can't imagine my kids not having them. Sure makes my life a lot easier too!

This shot of random stuff is most of what I received for Christmas. The Silpat mat and chopping knife are from my sweetie, the butter soft blanket and custom barn wood frame for our wedding picture are from Tyler and Kim. The home herb garden starter kit, and the herb planter too big to show were from Mom and Dan. The hot chocolate mix and "It's a Wonderful Life" movie were from Amber and Tommy, and the amazing Oral-B electric toothbrush was from Connie and Lee. The other items not pictured here are a two fragrance oil burners, one from my friend Anna and another from Danny and Steph and an espresso for two kit from Jer and Monicia. Thank you all! I'm so blessed!
One of Emma's favorite make-believe activities these days is pretend baking and cooking with her play-dough. Above she is grating "cheese".
Her favorite thing to make is cake for my birthday. She measures out her ingredients, even pretends to use the beaters. She can do this for hours literally. Another of her favorite creative activities is cutting and coloring paper.
Fresh from the bath, don't they smell so good!
While I was gone for a couple of hours, this is the scene I came home to. We always put Chloe down for naps in her crib, unless it happens in the car of course, but this is the first time she's slept on the floor. Travis said he had her cuddled up like this and just kept singing her songs. Before he knew it, she was out. Precious.
Me and my baby girl!
Their favorite freezing winter day activity is watching a movie while eating popcorn on the floor. Yes, it makes for more vacuuming, but the cuteness of the whole scene is well worth it!


Jenn @ Munchkin Land said...

Sarah, you have such a beautiful family! One only has to walk in the front door of your house to know that there is love in every room. =) Great pictures, friend.

Deidre said...

My girls LOVE movie days with lots of popcorn. We've had a lot of those lately because of the cold weather (al though not as cold as yours).

You have the most precious children!

Carrie said...

Cute pics! And who doesn't love a good movie and some popcorn?
God bless :)

Katie and Oresti said...

Your girls look so sweet together! That's so great that they're friends too! Sisters are so special. Great pictures!

Beka said...

How sweet are they?? Such precious little girls. I know what you mean about siblings, especially sisters... my sister and I have always been such very dear friends.

Hang in there... spring is coming!! And feel free to send some snow our way (out east)-- we haven't had much at all, and I'd honestly like at least one good blizzard this winter!

Praying for you, dear Sarah!

Anonymous said...

OH MY GOSH! Sooo cute Seeder. I love seeing your pics. It makes me want to be there to squeeze them. When we get our comp. fixed, or if I should say, I will do a much needed update and pics of the boys.
Love ya!

candes2000 said...

Hi Sarah, I bet you didn't expect to hear from me, Candes, Travis' cousin.

Great blog. I've enjoyed reading it. Glad to see the girls are doing great. Love the pictures of the family.

Hugs and kisses XXXOOO

Elise said...

What fun Christmas presents! I bet your family just loves seeing pictures of the girls- what a blessing!
Stay warm! :)

NYC said...

So cute!

Anonymous said...

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