Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Emma's Post

I've just noticed that the past few posts have been pictures of just Chloe. Even though miss Emma Grace isn't changing as rapidly, I must brag on her just the same as every day with my little peanut is such a blessing. She's quite the little girl now, it's hard to still call her a "toddler" since she hasn't "toddled" in quite some time and her vocabulary might have her in first grade! She's heavy into make believe these days. She loves cooking us things in her kitchen and having faux conversations on her play cell phone. She's been developing some night time fears, it's our routine now to turn on her night light and close the closet door before naps and bedtime. She's adjusting better and better to her little sister, she's very affectionate and nurturing most of the time. It makes my heart smile to hear her mothering Chloe with the same words I use with her. She's a born mommy! I took these pictures during a candid moment of Emma trying to curl up in Chloe's (her old) papasan seat like a baby. Doesn't it just capture what most of us wish we could do from time to time? When we are kids, we long to be older, but when we are adults, we miss our childhood. Potty training is sort of on hold right now. When she's in the buff, Emma will use the potty, but not for number two yet. She's a bit "anal retentive" ha, ha! I'm waiting for her desire to catch up with her ability. No use forcing the issue if she's not wanting to, at least that's my take. I have no fears that she'll be entering kindergarten in diapers! Well, that's the latest with my eldest little sweetheart. Don't forget to check out the post just below this one. It's new as well.
Love, Sarah

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Munchkin Land said...

She's beautiful, Sarah, and I'm so looking forward to spending time with her on Saturday. You are doing an AMAZING job with both Emma and Chloe...