Sunday, April 23, 2006

Nana's Visit

Here's Nana and me in our Easter clothes just before church. Nana got to stay for 10 whole days, we had so much fun! I discovered that one of my favorite special things that Nana does better than anyone else is "tickles" or goosebumps. She has just the right fingernails and I can't get enough.

We also had a great time playing dress up with some high heel shoes that friend Carla gave me. I feel like such a big girl when I wear them. I'm truely a girl, there's no doubt, I even say, "oh cute!" when I try on new clothes.

And of course, our time together wouldn't be complete without drinking lots of milk while cuddling on Nana's lap, I'm a milk-aholic after all. I sure do love my Nana and I can't wait to see her in August when "baby Chloe" is born. Thanks for the visit Nana, I love and miss you so much!


Jess said...

CUTE!!! My daughter loves shoes, too! I can always find her wearing hers or mine & sometimes even Daddy's.

JennG said...

It looks like you had a wonderful visit with your mom. I'm glad it was such a special time. It sounds like you have the "girly" girl you always wanted in Emma. =) Love you!